At PIKIKI® we handle numbers from # 22 to # 27 by integers, our lasts cover the half numbers.
However, it is important to take into account the following points when selecting a size.

1.- If your foot is very wide, it is best to go to the next number, in this way we will avoid that the footwear is just right and can hurt.

2.- If your foot is very thin, do not worry, choose your size in a closed number, most of our designs include an adjustable ankle bracelet, in this way you will feel more security when walking them.

3.- If you prefer, you can measure your foot in relation to our table of measurements of our lasts.

  • Foot length
    To measure the length of the foot you must support your foot on a sheet of paper, mark where the big toe and heel end, then measure the distance with a ruler in centimeters.

  • Hard foot
    You must measure the contour of the widest part of your foot with the help of a tape measure, from where the little toe begins to where the big toe begins in centimeters.