I consider myself a lover of fashion and a lover of emotions, that is why I decided to create something that would reflect a part of myself, my life and my perception of beauty embodied in products that I could share with more people.

I must accept that it is not an easy job and that it requires a great team of people who give life to each process of our products, who in the end fill with satisfaction the reason for everything that is. PIKIKI® .

I usually see some of my footwear models on the street and the first thing that comes to my mind is a feeling of love and happiness, knowing that more people are transmitting a part of myself in combination of the personality of each one of them.

Many times I have thought that a large part of what we wear is a way of expressing ourselves without having to say a word, it is a way of saying this is me, and each of us has a very different way of seeing ourselves, even even using the same clothing or the same pair of footwear.

The security in what we wear is one of the most important things, I am a believer in beauty in all the types that exist in the world, even in that beauty that not all of us can see.

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