PIKIKI® Just as I have changed over time, I see it from its beginnings until today, of course it will always retain that sweet air, that air of innocence of the girl who began with this dream.
Today I look more mature, I see myself reflecting a part of my life in each product, I accept that at this moment I am going through a difficult part, something I did not think would ever happen to me, but this gives me strength to move forward and continue with more desire than ever this way.
In each of the materials I see a story and that is what I imagine when I put them on a piece of paper.
A story that could take a turn over time, but you know what? It is a story that will stay in their hearts.
What we have today is beautiful, but it will not always remain static, we must accept the change and what do you believe? it will always be for the better, to improve.
I find myself looking for a way to innovate and gradually improve what we have today.
I promise you beautiful things with each passing of time "We deserve what we dream of".


  • Me encantan !!! Todos los modelos son hermosos!!! Super cómodos y la combinación perfecta entre modernos y elegantes !!! Sie.ore con una atención genial, cordial y super accesible

    Enedina Gutiérrez
  • Hola buenas tardes, compre en la promoción del buen fin y me encantaron mi zapatos, la persona que me contacto fue muy atenta, fueron puntuales y super rápidos, hice el pago y en ese mismo día ya me los estaban entregando, estuvieron al pendiente en cada momento del envió, tanto por correo electrónico, como por whatssap. Simplemente los recomiendo ampliamente!

    Judith Herrera

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